The following are the guidelines for your team’s conduct while you are at the I❤️Soccer Cup. Please inform your team members (players, parents, and other spectators) of these guidelines; then sign the Coach Conduct Form Affirmation in the link below to indicate that you have done so. Please be advised that these guidelines will be strictly enforced. 

  1. NO coach, spectator, or bench personnel are to enter the field of play during a match, PARTICULARLY if an incident occurs on the field. Coaches and substitutes may enter the field ONLY when indicated to do so by the Referee. 
  2. ONLY the team captains or coaches of the team may address the Referee before, during, and after a match, and then only for information, and not to question decisions. Remember, this applies from the time the Referee arrives at the site until he/she leaves, and not just during the match. 
  3. UNDER NO circumstance should anyone EVER touch a Referee. Please be aware that just touching a Referee can be judged as an assault on that Referee. 
  4. WE are interested in providing the best officiating that we can, and a significant amount of effort goes into that process. Please do not directly address referees with your comments. Instead, please put your comments down in writing and bring them by the Tournament Headquarters at the fields. We will forward these comments on to the Referee Administrators, and we will also use the information to improve upon our referee scheduling in the future. 

I have READ the official Tournament Match Schedules, the Tournament Rules, and the Tournament COVID-19 protocols (available at, and have notified my team members – players, parents, and other spectators – of these Rules/Protocols & Guidelines about proper tournament conduct on the part of our team. 

Violations of these guidelines may result in barring the offending person(s) from the fields, suspension or cancellation of matches, or ejection of person(s) and/or entire teams(s) from the tournament without any refunds or any other considerations whatsoever. Also, ALL infractions will be reported to the respective state associations. 

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